Seventh Bull was born from an alternative, original and “Not conventional” idea of footwear for men, women and children, with Italian DNA.

Seventh Bull’s founders are two fashion enthusiasts friends. In particular, they share the same interest for comfortable, sturdy and fashionable shoes.

They weren’t satisfied by the pret-à-porter market because of its obligation to choose a finished product without being able to customizing it.

So one day, after meeting an expert Craftsman, they got the idea of offering to everyone the possibility to create a type of footwear which is handmade in Italy, with quality materials and fully customizable: from the upper to the sole, from the stitching to the laces.

Millions of combinations can be used to produce your exclusive Polacchini Shoes.

When it was time to give a name to their project, they realized the characteristics of the product they wanted to achieve reflected the quality of Yuma, a wonderful American Staffordshire Terrier: beautiful, strong, sweet and elegant.

Hence the name and logo Seventh Bull.

Few rules, just instinct and creativity.

Thanks to our 3D configuration software, with a few simple steps you can design unique and totally personalized footwear.

Seventh Bull’s shoes are completely handmade by expert Italian Craftsmen,

with quality materials from the best tanneries and textures, carefully selected for being able to ensure a comfortable and durable footwear as well as being original and exclusive as you have always wanted!

Endless combinations of colors and materials,

can help you to create your own Seventh Bull with a casual, vintage or classic style,

because you forge trends with a style which is unique and inimitable, just as you!


How a Seventh Bull is created …