Terms and Conditions

General Sales Terms and Conditions

The following General Sales Terms and Conditions (hereinafter : General Conditions) have the object to regulate the distance sales of products and services available on Internet through the website www.7bull.it (hereinafter : Site). The products purchased on www.7bull.it are sold directly from Creative Container sas, licensee of the brand Seventh Bull.


All the distance sales of products and services through the Site (hereinafter: Purchasing Contracts) done by the users who have access to it (hereinafter: Buyers) are regulated by the General Conditions added to other provisions and operating instructions contained in the Site. In case of conflict between the above mentioned provisions and the operating instructions, and the information contained in the General Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

In order to be binding, each operation and/or payment condition possibly granted to the Buyers notwithstanding these General Conditions, will have to be priorly  accepted in writing by Creative Container sas.

The terms and conditions indicated in the current General Conditions are equally applied to all the Buyers, except for those who have expressly applied only as Consumer Buyers. A “Consumer Buyer ” is a natural person who purchases the products or services offered by the Site for purposes unrelated to their business or  professional activity; As a result of the following indications of these General Conditions, it is assumed that a customer who sends a direct purchasing order of products or services, inserting simultaneously their VAT Registration N.  in the site’s area relative to the customer’s data,  in not a “Consumer Buyer”.

The Purchasing Contracts entered by Consumer Buyers are regulated by Articles 50 to 63 of Decree. N. 206/2005.

Creative Container may change at any time and without notice, the contents of the General Conditions set out in this document. Any changes will have effect from the date of publication on the Site, which will be indicated on the header of the General Conditions.

Purchasing process

Buyers can purchase only personalised and customised products, accessing to a special configuration software; they will be able to realise unique and exclusive items according to their taste and convenience, according to the availability of colours and materials indicated by Creative Container.

The publication of the products and services showed on the Site is an invitation to the Buyer to formulate a Purchasing Contract proposal. By placing an order, which is valid as Contract proposal, the Buyer implicitly and expressly agrees to these conditions.

After the Buyer has placed an order, Creative Container will send an automatically generated email to the email address indicated by the Buyer, as confirmation of its proper reception.The response is generated automatically by the system, and it only confirms that the proposal has been received correctly.  This confirmation message will have an order number which needs to be indicated in any further communication with Creative Container.

Any information concerning the order, may be requested by e-mail to info@7bull.it indicating the order number given in the confirmation email.

Each Purchasing Contract between Creative Container and the Buyer shall be intended as concluded with the acceptance of the order on behalf of Creative Container. Creative Container has the right to accept or not, at its discretion, the order sent by the Buyer; in case of rejection of the order the Customer has no right to make any claims or whatsoever, in any way, including compensation.

The acceptance on behalf of Creative Container is considered implicit, unless otherwise communicated to the Buyer within 48 hours from the order, by an email message sent to the address provided by the Buyer.

The effective order date is to be intended as the payment date and when it is received, or from its confirmation by Creative Container. This procedure may differ depending on the condition and/or mean of payment chosen by the Buyer.

The Buyer declares, by placing an order following the various ways indicated by the operating instructions provided by the Site, to have read all the information given during the purchasing process and to accept completely all the General Terms and Payment Conditions described below.

Product prices – delivery costs – product availability

All the products’ prices are clearly indicated on the Site and are intended only inclusive of VAT. They do not include additional and different taxes, levies or duties arranged by the relevant applicable legislation, such as those provided for import reasons. Therefore, when necessary, the Buyer shall pay any custom fees, duties and taxes (other than VAT) due in the country of import.

Prices and availability of the products listed on the site are subject to change at any time and without notice; Orders which are in the process of acceptance or have been accepted by Creative Container, as indicated above, follow the terms of sale in force when it was sent by the Buyer.

The products available for shipment are highlighted on the site, but this availability of products is not updated in real time. Therefore, considering the possible simultaneous access to the site by many users, the actual availability of each single product may vary during the same day differently to what indicated on the Site.

Creative Container doesn’t take any responsibility nor guarantees any certainty about the immediate delivery of the purchased products shown available on the Site, so it   cannot be held in any way responsible for any delivery delays.

In case of payment by bank wire transfer, Creative Container will reserve the purchased products until the day after the order, within this time the Buyer must notify the done payment by email at info@7bull.it

In case of delay of  the shipping date indicated on the Site when placing the order, Creative Container will promptly inform the Buyer by sending an email message to the address specified by the Buyer.

The cost of each shipment will vary depending on both delivery mode and payment, as well as to the country of destination and the price of the order; It will be added to the total amount of each order. It will be clearly stated and communicated to the Buyer, through the Site, before the conclusion of the Purchasing Contract.

The visual representation of the products on the website, where available, usually corresponds to their photographic image and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale; There is no guarantee or commitment by Creative Container about the exact correspondence of  the image depicted on the Site with the actual product; and this, in particular regarding the real size and/or colours of the products and/or to possible variations during the production phase.

Withdrawal right

The withdrawal right cannot be applied (see Art.4 and 5 Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22.05.1999).

These products fall, in a matter of fact, in the category of customised products chosen by the Buyer according to their personal taste, according to type and format chosen at their discretion; according to this, exclusively produced by Creative Container and thus unsaleable to other customers.

Communications and Complaints

The Buyer can contact the Customer Service responsible of managing the Site, for any communication or complaint against Creative Container, regarding the Purchasing Contracts , by sending an e-mail to info@7bull.it

Applicable laws, jurisdiction

The Purchasing Contracts between the Buyer and Creative Container is intended as concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. Any dispute will be pleaded by the Judicial Authority of Rimini.

Processing of personal data (privacy)

For the regulation of the processing of personal data by Creative Container please refer to the website specifically dedicated to the following address: www.7bull.it area Privacy Policy.